Every submitted article must fulfills entirely the requirements of the Bulgarian Astronomical Journal
http://www.astro.bas.bg/AIJ), including 4 important additions:

1. The main text may be written not only in English, but also in Bulgarian.

2. Because of the condition (1), the begin of the article must contains always:


a. English title + author names, affiliations and addresses;

b. English abstract + keywords;

c. Bulgarian title and Bulgarian author names, without affiliations;

d. Bulgarian abstract;

e. main text in English or Bulgarian language.

3. LaTex examples and ac@sab.cls may be downloaded from here: PASB_Latex.zip. The author must submit only .tex, .pdf and (not large) .eps illustrations.

4. Submitted manuscripts may be written also as WORD .doc or .docx files, accompanied with respective .eps or .jpg illustrations. In this case the author must use doc-example and dot-template and download file PASB_Word.zip.

9712 Shumen

Universitetska 115

Shumen University

Astronomical Center

e-mail for submition: pasb@shu.bg

Instructions for authors

Bulgarian Astronomical Society

of the Astronomical Society
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